Walkin Interviews For Freshers

Walkin interview for freshers are normally preferred for both experienced and Fresher candidates. since it is a fast way to identify really interested candidates.

Walk-in interviews give opportunities to a lot of people to apply and get interviewed. It also saves the companies’ time. Walk-in candidates can be expected to accept and honor the offers. Unlike application by email / web which can be done with least effort and thinking, walk-in calls for certain investment – the candidate’s time and ensuring that the documents are presented. Also, invariably it helps in filling the vacancies faster.
For candidates there is some flexibility in choosing a convenient time-slot and the possibility of an earlier decision. In walk-ins, normally there is no scope for comparing candidates and making a decision. The employer is very much interested to get the best candidate to offer the job. So instant job confirmation is one of the best part of walk-ins.
Companies offer rewards also to employees whose recommendations are accepted – after the routine screening and examining process is over and job offers extended to the suggested candidates.
Organisation intends to reach a large target group and it wants a fairly good number of potential candidates in a short span of time and helps in quick decision making as recruiters get to meet the candidates face to face, and helps them in making the impression whether they’ll be a cultural fit in the organization or not.