Most of the job seekers in India prefer for the Government jobs whether it is state government sector or the central government sectors like Banking, engineering, Railways, medical, Insurance, Civil Services,  UPSC Exam sectors, manufacturing, production, etc.

These government jobs are of great desire for many people for the security reasons and moreover for its services. Every year, the state, as well as the central government of India, issues a various number of recruitment  notifications  for the  aspirants wishing to get a job in the Government agencies. Getting a job in the government sector is the matter of security, which is one of the biggest reasons to chose it as a career.

A government employee not only enjoys high prestige in the society but also other benefits such as job security, fixed working hours, retirement benefits and most important of all various tax benefits on his salary as compared to a non-government employee. Government employees having a lot of benefits compared with private sector employees as well as they have job security and pension for the retired period.

A lot of schemes and offers like medical, loan, insurance and other benefits are available for government employee. The rates of bonus, Arrears, Medical allowance and other allowances are higher for a government employee compared to a person who is working in a private sector as well as their job is safe and secured one.

This kind of good benefits will attract a lot of persons and made them to get a government job at any cost.